If you're thinking about buying men's bikini underwear, you might find yourself looking at online images or even mannequins in a men's clothing store. One thing that you'll immediately notice is how fit the men who wear these undergarments are. You might not exactly have this type of body, but that doesn't mean that you can't get busy working toward it. While you can go ahead and buy a few pairs of bikini-style underwear, you can also hit the gym and concentrate on the exercises that will augment the look of your body when you're wearing this underwear. Here are some exercises to do.

Cardiovascular Exercise

Perhaps more important than anything else you can do will be to burn off any fat that you might have around your lower abdomen or hips that could detract from the look that you want to achieve when you wear bikini underwear. You can't target a specific area to burn fat, so you'll need to slowly work at losing overall body fat. Cardiovascular exercises are those that increase your heart rate and involve multiple muscles working together. Examples can include walking or jogging on a treadmill, swimming, dancing, using a rowing machine, or riding a stationary bicycle.

Abdominal Crunches

When you see an image of a man wearing bikini underwear, he usually has a six-pack of abs. If you're working hard at burning off the fat that hides your abdominal muscles, you'll also want to work on enhancing these muscles. Abdominal crunches are an effective way to achieve this goal. This is a simple exercise that anyone can do, and that you've probably at least attempted at some point in your life — even if it was back in high school during fitness testing.


While you'll want strong abs in order to wear your bikini underwear with confidence, you'll also want a chiseled backside. This is because many bikini-style garments expose some or all of your backside. Cardio exercises will help to burn excess fat off this part of your body, but dedicated strength training can be conducive to augmenting the muscular definition of your glutes. The deadlift, which is an exercise that involves picking a heavy barbell up off the floor and standing up, engages your gluteus muscles. Through dedication to this exercise, you'll see increased definition in this part of your body. Results won't happen overnight, but if you concentrate on these exercises, you'll soon be building a better body for your bikini underwear.