Gym shorts make a great birthday present for men who have summer birthdays. Exercise-oriented shorts are comfortable to wear in hot weather, allow for free range of motion when being active outside, and look good with T-shirts and sandals. If you're getting a guy gym shorts for his birthday this summer, look specifically for men's gym shorts with a smartphone pocket. Gym shorts with a phone pocket let guys keep their phones on them while exercising, which provides several benefits that guys can take advantage of over the summer:

Track Their Stats While Exercising

First, having a smartphone inside their shorts pocket makes it easy for guys to track their exercise statistics. No matter where they are, they can pull their phone out and look up their statistics using whatever app they prefer. They can check quickly between lifting exercises, or they might pull it out during a water break while running.

Checking stats mid-exercise lets guys adjust their workout as they go along. For example, if the man you know wants to improve his running times he can look up how fast he's going halfway through his run. If he's slow, he knows to push it and go faster in the second half of the run. If he's ahead of schedule, he can pace himself a little more in the latter portion of the run.

Get Directions for Runs

Many men enjoy running in different places during the summer. Some like to take different, unfamiliar routes around town, while others enjoy exploring new towns by running through them while on vacation.

Having gym shorts with a smartphone pocket lets guys bring their phone with them whenever they're running a new route or in an unfamiliar place. They can then use their phone for directions, so they don't get lost and don't need to carry paper directions with them.

Take Pictures While Running

With a phone in their pocket, guys can easily take pictures on their run. The most competitive men may not want to stop to take a picture, but many guys who run new routes during the summer like to take pictures of what they see. This is especially true when guys run on vacation since they don't see the area regularly and don't usually have a previous best time to beat. To take a picture, guys just have to pull out their phone, snap a photo and put the phone back in their pocket.